Studying ZzZzZz!


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Okay... I'm studying 4th year already in the University of Oulu but when will I graduate? When do I break the magic barrier of 100 study weeks? When am I gonna finish such courses of horror like: swedish language, laboratory III and matematics for information processing science? And will I ever finish the mountain of exercises that I've started over the years? Am I Discipulus artis tractatis informationem aeterna (An information processing science student for eternity)?

b) So it may seem, especially when you consider that Oulu isn't even the place that I started my studies at. That honour goes to the Department of Computer Science at Joensuu as early as '93.
But what's the big hurry anyway? Being a member of Blanko ry. makes the delay so much fun that I doubt if I ever graduate.



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Material for studies:
a) my timetable for fall 1997. (sorry, in Finnish only)
b) Referate of the Chimera-hypertext system (this is in Finnish too)

Judgement: 7/10 pts = 2-
1 a) mathematics, not matematics. -1 p
1 b) The year '93 must be changed to 1993 or this paper will cause lots of trouble in the turn of the century. -2 p