The Lippis

ID (in ASCII):
  • Jan Markus Lipponen
    Activation date:
  • Jan 25th 1971
  • 1 880 mm
  • 87 000 g
    RGB value of hair:
  • 0xFFBB99 (brown)
    RGB value of eyes:
  • 0x8888FF (blue)
    Comm protocols:
  • Finnish
  • English
  • ANSI C
  • PL/SQL

  • Although nobody requested it specifically I decided to put a picture here where I'm completely without clothes. Well, from neck down anyway (there's another picture right next to it where I'm not even wearing a mask). I'm aware though that putting nude pictures in university's webserver is against some regulation but I trust you won't tell anybody. Ok?

    I'm not gonna write any life-story here (it's a carefully kept business secret because I'm the only existing Lippis type android) but maybe this is a good place to put an abridged version history with pictures. After all, PR is an important element even for an non-profit project designed to improve the quality of our life.

    Krhm... In the beginning I was nothing more than a suggestive look in it's male designers eyes. Soon though the look formed into a vision which was put on a watermarked paper.

    The designers went on building the first prototype without further planning. The prototype was pretty good except that it didn't match the original criteria. The first version is called the Kraftwerk type android.

    Current version is aesthetically much more pleasing. The ponytail and eczema makes my appearance more human-like. Some people have even reported human-like behaviour such as making errers but surely that can'd be possible.

    But that's not all... There are plans to develop the model even further so that it combines the best of cybernetic and organic entities. Biotechnology will probably enable us in few years time to build a more advanced Lipborg type cyborg.

    Further development was also suggested by the remote development team in Savonlinna which created a draft of the Version 2.0 android.

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