The picture above was taken in May day (the 1st of May) 1993. That was when me and most of my friends were still living in Kemi. Today the group has been scattered all around the world and only Muki decided to stay in the windiest place on the northern hemisphere. The photographer has ran farthest and is living in London now (come back already!!!).
The people are from left to right: Judge Veikko, Ate the fate, Lippis, Big-T and Muki Azu.

This page is dedicated to all my friends. Because this is a web-page though, I'll give an honourable mention to the ones that have gone through the trouble of making their own homepages:

BAck to main page Marko Aalto (Kessu)
Antti Heinänen (Anakonda)
Heidi Koivula
Mira Lumme
Jarmo Lumpus (Jape)
Markus Marjomaa
Petri Niinimäki (Nipa)
Antti Patrikka (Anarchy)
Marko Poutiainen (Mep)
Tuomo Ruikka (Big-T)
Martti Rytivaara (Mara)
Kari Siirtola (Sipe)
Olli Tiilikainen
Vesa Tupala (Tupsu)
Santa Claus (Mr. Ho Ho Ho)

Vicki Burris (Migraine)
Shawn Hargreaves
Aaron C. Stewart (Macros)
Jason Wilkins (Fenix)
Bear in mind that everybody on the right hand side are my virtual friends, meaning: they are people that I've never met outside the internet. I can't be absolutely sure that they even exist in flesh (it could as well be some kind of an artificial intelligence software sending me email). The list of virtual friends has diminished considerably after I quit IRCing.