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The main purpose of desk-checking is to find bugs from the code. In some cases the discoveries aren't very pleasant for the programmer.
Lippis: " ... and here we check the input from the user. "
Lippis: " chr = read_char(); if (chr... "
Heidi: " if (chr = 'Y') Hahahahahaha!"
Lippis: " Oh no... "
Heidi: " So you really want to change the value of variable in an if-statement? "
Lippis: " Beginner's mistake... "
Heidi: " Someone else might try comparison in here but inserting a new value is of course perfectly legal too... "
Lippis: " I'm gonna die... "
After this Lippis gets a 20 minute long lecture on the differences between = and == operands

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